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Leopold Kohr: Unsung Hero of Twentieth Century Social Philosophy for the Twenty First Century

As an outsider, I’ve tended to gravitate towards other outsiders … not because they are outsiders but because very often they have something to say, something which got past the gatekeepers of their time and survived because it was important. … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Unsolved Problem in Political Philosophy

Political philosophy I define as the philosophical study of social governance. Note, I did not say government, as there are political philosophies (anarchism is the obvious example) which urge us to do away with specific institutions devoted exclusively to governance … Continue reading

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Scholarship “In the Doldrums” as Elderly Generation Dies Out and Is Not Replaced

Our point of departure for this week’s article will be a remark by philosopher Harry Frankfurt, best known as having authored the colorful little tract On Bullshit (2005) which, significantly, may be the only work by a professional philosopher to … Continue reading

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Welcome to this Blog

Hello. I’ve had this WordPress title for quite a while, but have only recently decided to use it. To those who have found their way here: welcome. What’s this all about? I am a Lost Generation Philosopher. What’s a Lost … Continue reading

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