I am an independent (ex-academic) philosopher currently living in Santiago, Chile. I earned my PhD in 1987, emphasizing so-called historicist philosophers of science such as Thomas S. Kuhn and Paul K. Feyerabend. At different times I studied logic, epistemology and metaphysics, history of modern philosophy, the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, and alternative music.

I taught at a number of universities including Clemson University, Wofford College, Auburn University, the University of South Carolina (period 1987 – 95); also USC-Upstate, USC-Union, and Greenville Technical College (2005 – 12). My subjects included Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Logic (sometimes Deductive Logic; I did a couple of Inductive Logic courses here and there), Contemporary Moral Issues, Ethics, and one course in Philosophy of Mind.

I am the author of Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (ICS Press, 1994), Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons For the Decline of the American Republic (Brush Fire Press International, 2011), and around two dozen articles and book reviews in refereed journals and anthologies of various sorts.

I’ve also ghostwritten books, worked as a health technical writer, and done my share of other odds and ends trying to keep the wolves at bay. I’ve also published commentary on various “alternative” news sites.

In 2012 I moved to Chile, met, and married my wife Gisela (2013 and 2014 respectively). I taught a couple of philosophy seminars at Universidad de Chile en Santiago (2013) and critical thinking at Universidad Nacionale Andrés Bello (2014 – 15).

I have since abandoned all efforts to find academic work in favor of independent writing and scholarship (two works in progress). I am convinced that academia, including academic philosophy, is in decline all across the West. Details on blog.

This year, 2018, as I write this, I have been intensively studying copywriting with American Writers & Artists Institute and will be starting up my copywriting business before the end of the year. It may be called Copywriting Solutions or it may be called something else when I get around to getting the website done and launching it, having learned the job and how to obtain clients.

I’ve also written occasional fiction, more as a hobby than anything else. What has gotten completed is horrific or Lovecraft-derived dark fantasy. Read the first result here. Among my other hobbies and interests is collecting recording artists such as Brian Eno, Wire and its numerous spin-off groups, and progressive rock more broadly. I also collect rocks and coffee cups from cities and regions I’ve visited.

5 Responses to About

  1. Oscar The Red Cat says:

    Are you OK?
    Haven’t read anything new from you for a while.

  2. Frank Wasson says:

    The self-reference paper from 91 is superb. Incorporating some great insights from it, into this:


    The last two “metatheoretic frontiers” are the future of the God debate.

    A mathematician who does onto-modal quantum research (published recently in the international journal for theoretical physics in 2015, was very impressed with it, and even especially the thesis itself.

    So anyway, because of that article, I’ll be taking a look at all your other writings as well. I know how draining it is, and I appreciate your hard work in producing the things you’ve written.

    But make no mistake: the future of the God debate is in prior independent criteria (based on Nielsen’s 1990 Ethics Without God, pp30 through about page 65. And that essay of mine pretty much outlines how it’s all going to go down globally vis-a-vis theism. And this time, those two new deductive arguments I talk about as the third metatheoretic frontier are going to decimate theism globally. Children will evangelize them, they are that simple. But as you’ll see, that’s far from the end of the story.

    I think the most important question people can ask today is: How does that universal claim impact its own truth? or more simply: What about that claim itself? lol Simple Christian people I’ve told this to have experienced eureka moments from those two questions, and have been both greatly encouraged and forever changed by them.

    I’m confident we’re gonna win, dude.

    All the best,

  3. Paul E Hadinger says:

    When you have a chance, check Henry Makow’s article on the deception involving Assange and Snowden. You’ll find it interesting and also untouched in the controlled MSM. Paul

  4. George says:

    Mr. Yates:

    Just finished your article entitled, The Fall of Chile. One of the best articles I’ve read, on any subject, in a very long time. Thank you.

    I hope that you and yours can safely get out of Chile pronto. The world is getting smaller and time is getting shorter. But there are a few US states left that hold some promise.



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