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Is Alex Jones Defensible? A Look at Heresy.

Is Alex Jones defensible, or is this heresy? Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting article on the matter, and we discuss it here because Facebook has censored some of the URLs referenced. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Conspiracy Theories?

Are conspiracy theories sometimes not just credible but rational? Read Professor Emeritus Fetzer’s reasoned defense and then decide. Do lot allow mainstream media shouters to decide this issue for you. Continue reading

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So You Want to Get a PhD in Philosophy?

Don’t! Unless you plan with great care! Continue reading

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Is Covid-19 a Global Cult?

Is Covid-19 understood as global pandemic a medical truth based on proven facts or a corporate-governmental-media narrative based on inculcated fear and a plan for control? Continue reading

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Edmund Burke (But Were Afraid To Ask For Fear You’d Be Called a Fascist).

Another workaround due to censorship of the parent site. Highly recommended introduction to intellectual conservatism’s most important modern founding father. Continue reading

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