Donald J. Trump: Reasons He Appeals, Reasons for Hesitating

Back in January I wrote a piece about Donald Trump explaining why I was not endorsing him. The piece was rejected by the publication where I post the bulk of my commentary, which is pro-Trump with all four claws. I am caught between the two extremes: those who see Trump as the political equivalent of the Second Coming and those who hate everything he stands for. There is a lot of angst-ridden commentary out there, so much I couldn’t begin to link to it all at this point, most of it written by pundits (or pseudo-pundits) falling into the latter category.

The idea of nuanced efforts to get the Trump movement understood on its own terms, by investigating the appeal Trump has with, e.g., the white working class, seems to be verboten. My essay finally did appear, but on a site receiving little web traffic where it was probably seen by no one (I did not receive a single email, hostile or otherwise.)

It’s thrust: on the one hand, Trump scares the crap out of the global financial elites who have something on their hands they can’t control. Trump doesn’t need the money of the “donor class.” He appeals to those who are tired of struggling with economic forces they can’t control, and for which they blame the elites (with much justification). He appeals to those who are fed up with political correctness, and even more fed up with being in the one group that can be discriminated against, abused, and its members even physically attacked; and if they retaliate they are “racists.” Trump appeals because he is an outsider, as they are outsiders. Control by the global elites has just about run its course. The national debt has reached $19 trillion under Barack Obama’s watch and could hit $20 trillion before he leaves office. The tepid “economic recovery” clearly has not benefited the ordinary person whose job is part-time because he/she cannot find full-time work, and because the vast majority of full-time jobs barely pay enough for a family to survive on. Is it any wonder that the masses are getting behind someone who promises to “make America great again” even if he has no explanation what this means or how he is going to do it — anymore than Obama explained what he meant by “change you  can believe in.”

The rise of a political outsider was inevitable. If it hasn’t been Trump today, it would be someone else tomorrow. This is to be expected in our present historical moment.

On the other hand, Trump is clearly an authoritarian. The pseudo-pundits have that much right. He would do nothing about the steady rise of police violence over the past decade or so, for example. He not only hasn’t mentioned it, but talks as if the police were somehow an oppressed group operating with their hands tied. Trump’s authoritarianism is steeped in an “America-Firstism” the roots of which predate the rise of the global elites and the financialization of the economy that began in the 1970s. It rejects open borders, for example, just as it rejects the offshoring of a country’s manufacturing base. Libertarian bloggers have demonized Trump as a fascist. It is true enough, he doesn’t worship at the alter of the absolutely free market. It is unfortunate that libertarians confuse free markets in the abstract (which have never existed in a pure form) any more than Communism has ever existed in its pure form) with the concrete reality of corporate leviathans being able to do as they please without legal restrictions.

As I put it in my nuanced logic-speak (a language almost no one understands anymore, it seems): at our present historical juncture, the rise of an outsider may be a necessary condition for what is needed, but it is not a sufficient condition. The fact that most of the public won’t have a clue what I just said signifies a major part of the problem. Education at all levels has fallen off the cliff in the U.S. Ridiculously overpriced neoliberal universities now teach vocationalism and political correctness. Students keep enrolling. Public education always has been more about teaching dependence and obedience, not critical thinking skills and self-reliance. Parents keep sending their kids to them. What else can one expect besides a major fall-off in public aggregate thinking ability. Did those involved in this system really believe they could do this forever without a Donald Trump eventually appearing to take up the cudgel for those who really are being ostracized by the system (as opposed to the official, politically-designated “victims”)? What were they thinking? Were they thinking?

It is now being said that the Election of 2016 will be a turning point for the country. I submit that the Election of 2016 is more likely to be a train wreck of historical proportions if Trump is the GOP nominee and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee.

The turning point was the Election of 2012. The GOP had an opportunity to nominate an abiding Constitutionalist: Dr. Ron Paul. They threw it away. As my marginally-published essay puts it, welcome to the post Ron Paul era. I see what now seems likely to happen as the inevitable trajectory of an empire (the U.S.) whose fortunes have already begun to decline, and will decline further over the next couple of decades. A President Donald Trump might well hasten the process!  Look on the bright side. There wasn’t a single other person from either party running who could have turned that process around.

About Steven Yates

I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Georgia and teach Critical Thinking (mostly in English) at Universidad Nacionale Andrés Bello in Santiago, Chile. I moved here in 2012 from South Carolina. My most recent book is entitled Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons for the Decline of the American Republic (2011). I am the author of an earlier book, around two dozen articles & reviews, & still more articles on commentary sites on the Web. I live in Santiago with my wife Gisela & two spoiled cats, Bo & Princesa.
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1 Response to Donald J. Trump: Reasons He Appeals, Reasons for Hesitating

  1. lecox says:

    I have not read your essay (why not publish it here?) but I like what you have said in this short article.
    It is far from a full analysis of the situation, but such an analysis would be extremely difficult.

    In my own attempts to understand what has been going on on this planet, I have run into several major barriers:
    1) A paucity of factual data. This might be (but maybe not) handled if I read more, but I just can’t bring myself to do that; I already study quite a bit considering I have a full time job.
    2) The eagerness of various players to supply non-factual or tainted data, and to bring into question the non-factual or tainted data of other players.
    3) The difficulty in attaining a skill level sufficient to obtain the data I am interested in directly and independently (somewhat along the lines of how a remote viewer operates).

    However, there are some basic facts that seem to me unavoidable at this point, as do their ramifications. These facts remain unacknowledged by what was once known as “the establishment,” which to me indicates that whatever controls “the establishment” today is for all intents and purposes criminal, as it acts only to suppress the truth, particularly about itself, and to act in secret as much as possible.

    a. ET (extraterrestrials) exist as a factual reality. This is not necessarily the most logical basis for an analysis of the situation on earth, but it is certainly one of the most widely-studied subjects outside of the mainstream. This existence has been documented by so many different researchers in so many different ways that it seems to me totally inescapable at this point.
    b. The major ramification of fact a. is that power structures on earth are scared shitless about ET. Their total avoidance of the subject (except via the entertainment industry, where the subject is heavily dealt with) speaks of their total terror of this subject. I guess that this is because ET is like God (if ET is not in fact the same thing as God) in that you can keep no secrets from ET, and there is no defense against the power of ET.
    c. Something weird is happening with space travel. Even if the subject of space travel and the subject of ET were totally unrelated (they aren’t of course), it still stands as its own subject. Space travel has been talked about since at least the days of Jules Verne as our way to explore and exploit the solar system and beyond. Beyond that, the UFO crash retrieval program has been widely discussed and documented, and there is a persistent rumor that we now have such craft, too.
    d. There are “black budget” programs in existence that we simply do not know very much about. Many otherwise quite reputable former government officials, etc., have data about billions of dollars “going missing” off the books of various agencies, particularly the Department of Defense. There is also a sense that the profits being made through various criminal activities including highly questionable “investment vehicles,” and even perhaps from normal business activities, are not getting re-invested in anything noticeable to most people. What is that money being used for?

    One interesting story that attempts (or succeeds, depending on how you look at it) to tie the above facts together is the idea of a special “group.” This is related to Al Bielek’s “Majority 12,” Sean David Morton’s “Group,” and Corey Goode’s (among others) “Secret Space Program.” The story goes, in essence, that we are trading with “the enemy” – ET. That we have established some sort of business-like relationship with various ET groups and have established off-Earth bases as manufacturing and trading posts that are possibly using human slave labor. All the major players on Earth are secretly investing in this “space business” which is one reason that global economics seem to be rigged against the Earth population. These people have found a possible way out of the almost inevitable collapse of Earth as a proper biosphere, and are keeping it a secret from the rest of us. ET wants them to keep it a secret, too, so they are helping. This “group” has more or less been running things in the US since before the death of JFK (a related event). I believe an older European group, often referred to as “the Cabal” previously felt that it was totally in charge, and that this has lead to strife at high levels. There is possibly a separate power group in Asia.

    In this scenario, the US President becomes a mere puppet, a figurehead and propaganda front for the secret “group.” His job is to convince the population that things are still “normal” on Earth, and will probably remain so, as long as everyone agrees that this is true. The biggest problem becomes disagreement with this story. The general public is entertained by presidential debates and so forth. But every player knows – I imagine Trump included – that you play by their rules or you’re out of the game. Trump could succeed at bringing war to America, which is one scenario for further reducing the influence of the U.S. people and politics on the global scene. If one of the Democrats gets elected, we’ll probably stick with “political correctness” and outrageous government spending to achieve a similar objective. Our books will show us to be bankrupt and our actions will show us to be moral pygmies, and the “UN” or some other group will have to gradually ascend as the only governing body with a sufficiently global ethical viewpoint. Then perhaps it will be time to reveal ET in some form or another, as now we can deal with ET as a global society, instead of as the rat-race that we are now.

    Of this story I am not totally certain. Of the four facts listed above I am quite certain. Of my options for survival I also have some certainty: Rise to the occasion or perish with the rest. I think these issues are more important than Trump. I could be wrong, I suppose.

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