(S)Election 2020: Was It Stolen? (“Fact-Check” Follies, Dominion, and More)

Was the November 3 election stolen by the Democrats?

It might seem odd for a philosopher to involve himself in the issue, but even before leaving academic philosophy I was not one to shy away from controversial topics or positions, and this one surely bears the scrutiny of one who pays attention to how journalists–or those who pass for journalists today–among others, use language when they can’t lay their hands on physical clubs to swing.

If you ask those folks, you will “learn” that Joe Biden was declared the winner on Saturday, November 7. By whom? By them, of course.

I immediately penned this, where I suggested that Donald Trump walk away from that mess in the Asylum on the Potomac and found his own brand new media company, Trump Media (or some equivalent to that). There’s been slight indication he might do something like that, but more that he will begin to mount a 2024 campaign. (He will be 78, however, the age Biden is now.)

As to whether or not the election was stolen, I do not believe I’ve ever seen a war of narratives like this one!

For a representative sequence of pieces presenting the case that the election was really a (s)election, stolen brazenly, go here. You can also find accounts of the Sidney Powell and other recent legal actions on The Epoch Times site, including this just yesterday.

One side of that war controls most of the media resources, of course, but a look past their clear need to control information using weaponized, club-swinging language suggests a certain unease, or even fear. I recently wrote:

Even if the “win” was declared in corporate mass media long before all votes had been counted, and amidst large and growing allegations of fraud (dead people voting, hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden-Harris appearing out of thin air in crucial swing states, etc.).

In a media-saturated world, corporate mass media maintains the official narratives: allegations of a stolen election are then “baseless,” “unfounded,” “unsubstantiated,” “unproven allegations”; or “unverified” and “without evidence” (or “evidence-free”), based on “false information” (Flakebook loves that one!); a product of “unhinged” “right-wing extremists”; “bogus conspiracy theories”; etc. This, in addition to “racist” and “fascist” (or “neo-fascist”), is a healthy (or unhealthy!) sampling of the brain-paralysis inducing phrases I’ve seen since the November 3 fiasco.

Facts no longer matter if they interfere with official narratives and agendas. Thus the largest narrative war I think I’ve ever seen has unfolded, between those using the above demon words and phrases, and those who insist that documentation of how voting-machine technology was used to commit fraud is clear and factual, and backed with evidence that corporate media and Big Tech are censoring just as fast as they can …

And yes, vehicles filled with votes for Biden (none for Trump) seem to have appeared in crucial states like Michigan and Wisconsin at wee hours of the morning. Roger Anghis writes:

Ballots were brought in nine and half hours after the polls closed in vehicles with out-of-state plates. On Monday evening, GOP spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington tweeted out the log of a poll watcher in Detroit, Michigan, who noticed some suspicious activity going on at the location where ballots were being counted. According to the poll watcher, a number of things seemed awfully irregular. For one, an entire load of ballots came in at around 4:30 a.m. on November 4. According to the poll watcher, the shift was ending around that time but one of the men in charge of counting ballots announced over the microphone that an entire load had just come in. The poll watcher was told that the vehicles these ballots were delivered in had out-of-state plates.

The poll watcher logged that the ballots were brought in and placed on eight, long tables, but noted that the way they were brought in was irregular. The boxes were carried in from the rear of the room, which wasn’t typical at all. Also, somewhat irregular, is that every single vote was for Joe Biden.

Trump stated in the Epoch Times reproduced interview that “All of a sudden, I went from winning a lot … to losing by a little.”

I am more than aware that for many people, this is just “conspiracy theory” stuff (as is the case with any number of posts I’ve made this year in particular).

That seems to be mainstream media’s favorite phrase these days. I think I see it at least three times per day. What I read in it is, Here’s a claim or line of thought or instance of putting two and two together that we peons are not supposed to pursue, or do.

Leave It Alone, Stop Thinking, and Listen to the Experts!

I did that with affirmative action, and look at what resulted!

At present, it is as if the two different camps are living in incommensurable universes, each with its own truth (perfect for Fourth Stage postmodernity!). The two are fundamentally at war with one another. Hence the phrase narrative war.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are very much involved in this narrative war, using the easiest weapon at their disposal: censorship (sometimes deplatforming). Or, only slightly more modestly, Big Tech’s minions claim to “fact check” posts, would have you believe that Expert Opinion backs up its “fact-checking.”

Authoritative, or merely authoritarian?

A couple weeks ago, I received this. It is no longer posted anywhere I know of, so I reproduce the whole thing unedited. The author is anonymous, as is to be expected as he/she could be sued and possibly even prosecuted.

This was posted this morning on MeWe:

I can’t say this on Facebook, but I feel it’s important to say. I was a Facebook Fact Checker. And your conspiracy theories about Facebook, are more true than you realize.

I work for a company named Appen. We are a 3rd party freelance contract company. A few years ago Facebook approached us with an offer. He couldn’t legally censor people on his platform because he plead to congress that he was an open forum. So, he uses several 3rd party companies to “Fact Check”, and otherwise censor, information.

Justin Trudeau has been taking action in Canada, China, and America, to prepare us for the Great Reset, and by us, I refer to civilians. Part of this process is to work with Zuckerburg and Dorsey to restrict the flow of information, and to push the statutes of the Reset into peoples minds, repetition is the key here.

We coordinate our efforts with a company in India, from our base in Canada, to provide our censorship services to Facebook. A lot of this information, you probably already guessed. But here’s what you might not have known.

We have specific directives on what to fact check and how to fact check. I’m going to list off a couple of these directives:

1) First off, primarily conservative and right leaning posts on Twitter and Facebook make it to our service.

2) Left leaning posts are to be ignored and never manually flagged, it doesnt matter if it violates ToS or even federal law. If Facebook gets in trouble they blame us, and they can’t do anything because we’re not based in America, so we give the government the run around and nothing can be done. It’s worked so far.

3) Zuckerburg created a program that feeds posts automatically into our service, it analyzes content in posts, searching for common images and lines of text, and if it matches any of our guidelines it gets automatically flagged and entered into our system to be “Fact Checked”. So we don’t just go looking for conservative posts, Zuckerburg sends them to us with his automatic program.

4) If there are multiple ideas in a conservative post, only 1 of them needs to be potentially disputable. We are to flag an entire article as disputed/false/discredited/untrue/etc even if theres only 1 idea thats not completely confirmed.

5) Even ideas that are confirmed, don’t matter unless its a left leaning idea. What this translates to is as long as we all push the same idea, what we say becomes truth. That’s standard psychology, and American’s are the easiest to manipulate with this. The only thing making it difficult is their freedoms that are not common in most countries around the world, which forces us to deal with America in a different way.

6) When we write articles for Politico, NYT, etc we are allowed to mark a title or article as true as long as at least 3 of the core ideas in the article or post are potentially true. Keyword here is potentially, it can be completely false, but as long as we can cite a source that argues in our favor, we can confirm it 100% true. The inverse is also true, if we can find even 1 source that dictates something to be potentially false, we can mark the entire article/post.

7) We write articles, and then cite our own articles as evidence. Check the fine print of each article, we always cite ourselves, but what you might not know, is that only a handful of companies are actually writing the articles for dozens of websites, news media, and mass media. This isn’t unique to America, we’ve done this in countries around the world for a very long time.

8) We only allow members to join us if they pass a test, this test is an opinion based survey, however, they must answer all left leaning, or they are not allowed to join, we wont be diluted.

9) This part I cannot confirm, but I am suspicious that China has more to do with this than just their involvement with Canada, but again, i can’t confirm that, thats just my personal theory because we’re not allowed to say anything negative in our business chats about China’s government.

10) This is all preparation for the Great Reset, by getting Trump out, because he opposed the idea. Biden has agreed to go full on into it, which is why he’s been getting such a big hand from Facebook and Twitter, however, it’s much bigger than just that. In our new world order, we’ll control not just national news, but global news. By controlling the global narrative, we control what information you’re allowed to know and what you’re allowed to think.

11) There are contingencies in place. Trump cannot win. We have members of Congress a part of this, and soon the President and VP.

12) If a civil war breaks out, it will be according to our plan. We hope for it, and we tried to use race to spark it in America, If that doesn’t work, ISIS is on stand by for when Biden is in office. This was determined along time ago, or so I’m told.

13) I no longer work for this company. I registered with them using a fake identity. While I am afraid that they’ll find out, I’m hoping this post is in an obscure enough place to start leaking information without drawing too much attention too quickly. My hope is that this information gets out, but you cannot change what’s already in place.

14) I left because what they were doing was appalling to me. I can’t stand by and watch this happen. My original job was to consult with Walmart and Facebook on customer engagement and advertisement engagement, as well as website management. This isn’t what I signed up for. Now all the new recruits are immediately pushed into this Facebook Fact Checker conspiracy. It’s sickening. Ill say that Facebook at least pays up, which is the only reason I think most of us were doing it this long. I’m under a very strict NDA, so I had to use a throw away account.

15) You can’t change what’s to come, but what you can do is get the message out to not just Americans, but everyone in every country that values freedom. There are allies all over the world that are resisting this, especially in France and Australia. If you want to remain free, you have to hope that Trump can pull out a miracle, but I already know it’s not possible, Trust me when I say, they’ll make sure people die before they let him get another 4 years. If that happens, Americans, do what you need to do to keep your country free. Protect yourselves.

16) Admins, if I do not delete this post sooner, please delete this within 24 hours.

This is how official narratives are created, and how alternatives to them are bullied off stage by those with the resources to do so. I write as one who has been “fact-checked” numerous times!

What evidence do we have for the alternative narrative? We linked to one important source above, but there are others. Anyone who wants to can read Sidney Powell’s briefs for themselves (here and here). You can decide for yourself if she is a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”

But before you do, you ought to have a listen to this.

I seriously hope you’ve followed me this far!

Pay special attention to everything Joe Oltmann says from 6:00 to 16:00, where he names and outlines the professional history of the person most likely responsible for using Dominion electronic voting machines to steal votes from Donald Trump.

This person, whom I am antsy about actually identifying here (not that it would do much good), actually promised Antifa that Trump would not win, and was very much in a position to do just that (confirming our “fact checker” whistleblower above who also stated that Trump would not be allowed to win).

Needless to say, the person has literally disappeared almost entirely from the Web, including his connection to Dominion Voting Systems.

This information, provided to judges and legislators, has simply been ignored. It does not fit their narrative. It does not belong with what they’ve been told the truth is.

Although it’s an aside, this should also lay to rest, once and for all (but probably will not), the idea that governments have more power than corporations with global reach.

At the very least, we can also lay to rest the ridiculous caricatures of Sidney Powell and her actions that you will find in mainstream media. They are either uninformed or dishonest.

Finally, the Eric Mataxas video supports another of my longstanding assumptions about where we stand in our present moment. I have been assuming that cultural leftist groups such as Antifa are being used, bankrolled, by higher-echelon globalists as disruptors. They and Black Lives Matter are trying to “cancel” U.S. history and undermine Constitutional government.

They will probably not stop if Joe Biden becomes president, because he won’t be far enough to the left for them. Unlike Trump, though, Biden would not even think of invoking the Insurrection Act to put down violence coming from the left, some of it from a group he once absurdly labeled “an idea.”

Eventually such groups will cause sufficient chaos that the masses may well start begging for the intervention of someone able to step in and restore order and stability. (Add to this the draconian responses to the coronavirus that will likely continue to shut down a great deal of Main Street economic activity and church services.)

Those stepping in will be the globalists, of course.

About Steven Yates

I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Georgia and teach Critical Thinking (mostly in English) at Universidad Nacionale Andrés Bello in Santiago, Chile. I moved here in 2012 from South Carolina. My most recent book is entitled Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons for the Decline of the American Republic (2011). I am the author of an earlier book, around two dozen articles & reviews, & still more articles on commentary sites on the Web. I live in Santiago with my wife Gisela & two spoiled cats, Bo & Princesa.
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1 Response to (S)Election 2020: Was It Stolen? (“Fact-Check” Follies, Dominion, and More)

  1. Rick O'Shea says:

    The globalists won’t get a chance. When/if the chaos continues too long. That’s when the vigilantes will come out. The leftists will BEG for the police when they get shot out their crocs from persons unseen on rooftops. That will be their chance for revolution. But they are cowards, and the sight of their own blood will take all the fight out of them.

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