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From Affirmative Action to Cancel Culture: Americans, You Were Warned

Slightly over 30 years ago, some of us warned anyone who would listen that the political correctness then emerging was dangerous and would spread to every institution in the country if it was not opposed. We were ignored, or called racists. Now, everything we predicted has happened, and we find not just historical monuments but history itself being canceled little by little Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell Revisited: Constrained versus Unconstrained Visions

Back in 1987 Thomas Sowell published his important book A Conflict of Visions which distinguished constrained from unconstrained visions. With the unconstrained vision of the radical far-left in evidence everywhere in today’s “cancel culture,” never has the time been better for a rediscovery of this important work. Continue reading

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Identity Politics Has Nearly Destroyed the Humanities; Now It Is Threatening the Hard Sciences

This article by Heather MacDonald is a must-read! If you thought you could escape identity politics by going into the sciences, or possibly even into engineering, think again. The article’s opening paragraphs spell out clearly what is happening in scientific … Continue reading

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The Latest in Academic Malfeasance (at Least She’s Not in Academic Philosophy)

Most people would claim, commonsensically I think, that a wrong has been done by insulting someone recently deceased, unless that person did something truly heinous during her life. In that case, what are we to make of the Twitter attacks … Continue reading

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Academia Embarrasses Itself Again: the Hypatia Affair

The last time I wrote a piece of this sort, an exposé of academic philosophers embarrassing themselves, it caused me some problems. I try to learn from my mistakes, and what I learned from that occasion could be set down … Continue reading

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Eight Theses on the “Alt-Right”

Prior to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speech last week, I’d barely heard the term “alt-right.” Seems I am not a part of it, if for no other reason than that I am too old. What it appears to be … Continue reading

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