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A Case for Collapse Studies

A Case for Collapse Studies: we have Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, and so on. Given the times we are now living in, why not Collapse Studies. Collapse is a process, not a singular event such as a major economic crash or a pandemic. Ours is underway. Can we turn things around in time? What does history teach us about collapse? Continue reading

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Cycles and Stages of Civilization

Cycles and Stages of Civilization – furthers the statement that the Third Stage is dying, that the Fourth Stage cannot replace it, we cannot simply go back, and so we must pave the way for building a Fifth Stage of civilization. Continue reading

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The Fate of Civilizations

Should a philosopher be interested in the trajectory of civilizations, from their rise to dominance in a region, and then the reasons why a civilization seems to lose its collective capacity and go into decline? Most professional philosophers are not, … Continue reading

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