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Donald J. Trump: Reasons He Appeals, Reasons for Hesitating

Is it possible to get the Trump movement understood on its own terms, by investigating the appeal Trump has with, e.g., the white working class … without the usual politically correct demonizing of the latter as racists and would-be brownshirts? Continue reading

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A “Rape on Campus”? Radical Feminism & the Rolling Stone Fiasco

[Note: I’d planned on doing a piece entitled “What Is a Liberal Arts Education For?” But the culmination of the events described here, and their implication for the sorry state of both higher education and popular journalism today, seemed more … Continue reading

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How Higher Education in the U.S. Has Slowly Self-Destructed

There can be little doubt that at one time, the U.S. had the best higher education system in the world — rivaled only by, perhaps, by institutions in Great Britain such as Oxford and Cambridge. It still lives on that … Continue reading

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