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The Five Stages of COVID Vaccine Compliance/Coercion Explained: A Dialogue

COVID-19 vaccines known to be experimental are being distributed worldwide, with mandates, passports, and passes going into place. This is becoming increasingly coercive, and is being resisted by certain segments of the population. Are the resisters simply repeating misinformation they found on the Internet, or is something really deadly and dangerous going on here that we should all know about? Who or what is really behind what has become the biggest crisis of our time? A dialogue to explore the issues. Continue reading

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Peter Singer on Making COVID Vaccines Legally Mandatory

Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer has argued that COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory for essentially the same reasons that seat belts in automobiles are legally mandatory. In this short comment I respond that his argument collapses under scrutiny that reveals numerous disanalogies between seat belts and the COVID vaccines. Continue reading

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